FAQs for organizations

Why is this free?

Our primary focus has been the travelers, not making outrageous profits with add on software. We like simplifying complex solutions and we can manage to keep this going without breaking our bank, or yours. And the travelers benefit from cheaper shipping.

Is this difficult to use?

If a user can use a mouse, keyboard and a printer, it’s pretty much all there is to it. Your internal operational procedures stay the same. i.e. Where the items are stored and tagged. We can help with that too with plenty of free resources and tools.

Will this affect my current procedures and operations overall?

Other than using our system, your internal operations/procedures stays the same. You will see an improvement overall though on the lost and found process.

Who provides customer support to the customers and their claims?

Our system is fairly self reliant and rarely needs customer support. General questions from customers are automatically handled, updates are automatically sent to your dashboard or customer emails (once an item is found, or gets shipped, more details are asked from the dashboard, etc), labels are created automatically as well and placed in the dashboard.

Who manages shipping label creation? Who are the shipping carriers?

Our system will generate shipping labels (FedEx or UPS) as soon as the customer pays. Your business just prints the labels and use them on the shipping box either with packing tape, or using thermal paper for your shipping label printer (we can provide those)

Why aren't you using USPS? It is the least expensive option.

We have an account for letters (documents, driver licenses, etc) that we are hesitant to use due to past performance. However, with packages, unfortunately USPS had really poor performance from pick up, to delivery, to lost packages. As time goes by, we’ll assess again after testing out performance, without impacting real customers.

Do I have to upgrade or replace my current lost and found software?

Not. You can use it in parallel, or we can integrate with it (depends on your current system)

We currently have a process, why should we use this?

That’s the beauty of it. You don’t have to use this if you don’t want to. If all you need is a cheaper label option for your customers, we can offer that as a standalone service. Also at no cost to you.

Who pays for shipping and how? Do I have to be PCI compliant?

Customers pay for shipping 100%. You do not have to be PCI compliant, as we use one of the strongest PCI compliant payment platforms out there. They collect the credit card information so none of us have to have to worry about the PCI compliance burden , nor carry an internal risk to employees copying down credit card numbers, or getting hacked.

Do I have to upgrade to a specific printer for shipping labels?

Nope. Any printer that can print 300dpi (any printer from the last 10 years can print 300dpi), black and white printers, color, thermal label printers, etc. We could ship you a free thermal label printer, you just have to install it yourself.

Can any business or organization use this solution?

Yes. That’s why we made this. Literally any business can use this as a tool and customer service enhancement. Hotel, restaurant, national park, amusement park, concert venue, food trucks, pizza parlor, bar, rental car, AirbBnb, vacation home property management, resorts. When FedEx and UPS start delivering to space, we will be able to cater to the space travel industry as well. Shipping from the moon. We are not making it up. We embrace the future.

Do you offer training?

Yes. However, this is not a complex system and we will offer videos and ‘How to” documentation. We can also do virtual training at no cost to you.

Data Security

Traista places a strong emphasis on data security throughout the lost and found process, providing hotels with a secure solution for managing guest information. By implementing robust encryption measures, access controls, and compliance with data protection regulations, Traista ensures the confidentiality and integrity of personal data. With secure data sharing and collaboration features, the platform allows hotels to efficiently recover lost items while maintaining the highest standards of data security. By partnering with Traista, hotels, airports and resorts can confidently handle the lost and found experience, prioritizing guest privacy and data protection in their operations.

Read more about data security at Traista


Do you partner with other similar lost and found or inventory management companies?

Yes. We partner up with any service willing to be part of the solution. Two way communication and collaboration is all we seek in order to help travelers.