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Lost. Found. Shopping Deals

The best app for lost & found items, shopping deals and more! Map based, easy to use.

Everyone can now enjoy it. It is simple, yet full of power.

What does Traista App do?

Lost. Found. Shopping deals. We found a need, and decided to bring to market a solution we realized is easy to use and implement. The app lets users post lost & found items, as well money saving deals at businesses with physical store fronts. All on a map, easy interface. Looking at a list while out and about, especially when traveling, doesn't help much, does it?

Traista App is the place where everyone can post lost and found items, dogs, cars, girlfriends, dreams, etc. Since everyone loves saving money, we hope, we decided to add the ability to post shopping deals on your phone, on a map. This is social shopping done right.

We discussed with local businesses, who have had a hard time posting ads on line, and on mobile platforms. Our solution gave them hope, and were thrilled how easy it was to post an ad using the app. In a few clicks, your business and promo, is placed on the map, and ready to be shared with, and by everyone. If you have a team that manages your online profile, this is a great additional marketing channel for active shoppers already in the area. This is mapvertising.

Easy To Use

Businesses must use it as an alternative marketing channel for their single, or multiple business locations. Never posted a mobile advertisement in your life? Go ahead, try it. It’s as easy as posting a status on your social media platform, not placing an ad on their platform. Just try it!

Map Based

Lost something while traveling? Looking for local deals in your area or where you just arrived? It's map based, no matter where you are, you'll see everything on the map. No more lists, missed status from various places, no more knuckle pain from scrolling. This is the future of mobile map advertising and user interaction. This is mapvertisting.

Business ads

Have you lost your mind figuring out how to post mobile ads? Is your mobile ads, SEO, web voodoo magic person in charge of your business? Try this on your own first. If you are any of those other guys working with a client, don't let us stop you. Use this. Free to try, anytime

We are live, ready in Google Play store and Apple App Store. Email us at if you have issues finding it. Searching for traista, traista will lead to same result findings.

Download it now

Start finding your stuff right away! Help others find their stuff! Save money on shopping deals, along with everyone else! Download it and tell everyone about it.

COMING SOON: Use Traista on your desktop, however we’ll love it if you were out and about, having fun with it, and using it in real life to get others to come out and play, shop, entertain.

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