Having happier employees takes effort on both ends. Management and the employees. Genuinely listening to their work tasks needs, and making those tasks easier should be a common goal. Mundane trivial tasks lead to mental tiredness, thus utilizing tools and solutions that reduce this is a great approach.


Digital evolution has lead to improved efficiency, happier employees, improved customer service. Easier work tasks management tools have replaced former industry giants (MS Project replaced by easier online tools). Organizations do not build their own custom tools, unless they are SAP. But then even SAP uses other existing tools to help them rather than build them. Focus on your business, do not complicate it. Use tools already available. If free, even better. Like Trello, Miro, Traista is replacing clunky lost and found platforms so business can perform.


Empowering employees to be creative at work has lead to significant results. While big decisions rely on management, smaller decisions on process improvements will bring significant value to the organization, employee satisfaction and customer experience.


Invest in hosting your own free brain storming and ideation sessions. They don’t have to be complicated, sometimes not even structured. However, having key focus points does help.

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