Lost & Found Desk - File A Claim - Help Desk FAQ

Traista app lost and found virtual desk
  • How does Traista work with the TSA?

    As a lost and found items processor, Traista system works for you and with the TSA. The  magic happens behind the scenes, where our systems work beautifully with TSA lost and found items data (collected by TSA at checkpoints)
    We take your claim details and match it against the TSA data we receive (data is received from the TSA Monday through Friday only, and excludes Federal holidays). If a match probability occurs, TSA is notified to confirm a final match. If a final match is confirmed electronically to us, we’ll provide shipment options to you, then send the pre-paid shipping label (FedEx or UPS) to the TSA.
    As the match is confirmed, all the shipping label steps happen in a matter of minutes. This helps the TSA to send the item back to you faster. Traista does not take possession of your item at any point. Please be aware of the Monday through Friday lost and found schedule at the TSA office, packaging times, before your item is picked up and scanned by the carriers.
    If you do not want your item shipped, you may also pick up your item in person, or have a designated person pick up your item. Call the TSA number at the airport where your item was left behind to arrange this. Please take in consideration Monday through Friday business hours, holidays, peak travel time, and parking location.
  • How does shipping work?

    As soon as an agent confirms there is a match for the item and is ready to be released, we will send you a shipping quote from either FedEx or UPS. That’s it, no claim fees, processing fees, or handling fees.
    Sounds simple, but in a nutshell, as your online lost item match maker and an easy to use shipping agent, the magic that happens behind the curtains will work hard to help you reunite with your lost item.
    Once you pay the quoted shipping service, our system will instantly send the shipping label to the agent or customer service center, at the location where your item is waiting impatiently to come to you.  You will also instantly receive a tracking number to see where your package is after it is packed and picked up by the shipping carrier.
    Please keep in mind, tracking begins only after it is processed by the agents or customer service reps, and the shipping carrier scans it the first time.
    For any questions related to shipping when in transit, contact the shipment carrier (FedEx or UPS), while all other inquiries can be replied to the shipping label email.
    You may also receive our link from the TSA office where your item is located, if you are dealing directly with TSA. You still pay the cheaper shipping rates, compared to retail. If are all set with the item and just need a shipping label, use the link in our claim confirmation email.
    We also ship internationally, and handle the required export documentation for you as well. Unfortunately, our international shipping is not fully automated, but we will give you a shipping label (after you pay the shipping quote), in under 24 hours.
  • Item description details

    The more personalized details, the better.
    For electronics, serial numbers work best as they can be read when the device has no power. DO NOT SHARE PASSWORDS, NOR LOGIN CODES/PINs as a detail with anyone! They are not needed to verify ownership unless you pick up in person. Your item will look alike many others. Please make sure you include as many details as possible like personalized stickers, names, background images for laptops/tablets/phones; list any known dents, custom covers, etc.
    We want to make the physical matching before shipping as easy as possible, to avoid you having the wrong item back. Your item is unique to you, but there may be thousands like it.
  • Location and Terminal

    Try to remember where your item may have been lost. The higher the certainty, the easier the process will be for everyone in the lost and found communication, and matching chain.
    Remember, most of the lost and found processes are not centralized and have different operational methods.
    TSA area will handle their own lost and found, while in some cases they will hand off to the airport. Then the airport itself has their separate process once in their possession.
    However, if you left the item outside TSA area (in the airport or airplane), if you put TSA area by mistake, that will only delay the matching process.
    We understand traveling, and the stress in between connecting flights, short layovers, kids bathroom breaks, etc. We get it, we’re here to help. You can always update your claim if you recollect and have better information. Just reply to our initial claim email or update via edit claim link.
  • Non partner airport help

    Some airports manage their own lost and found or work with other services, thus leaving your lost item out of our helping hands 😟 We could still help you. In the eventuality that they have your item, and you want a shipping label, we can provide that in a few minutes.
  • Payment options

    No claim or search fee. However, Traista has integrated Stripe payments 💳, a truly innovative method of accepting payments online. It’s 🔐 secure, convenient and works like a charm to get a shipping label created on the fly. Time is of essence to all of us.
  • International travelers

    ¡Sí, podemos ayudarte!
    Ja, wir können Ihnen helfen!
    Da, vă putem ajuta!
    Oui, nous pouvons vous aider!
    !نعم ، يمكننا مساعدتك
    !כן, אנחנו יכולים לעזור לך
    While we do not have agents that speak in multiple languages at this moment, we can sure help you with a shipment to any corner of the 🌐 world. Please bare with us as we try to help you the best we can.  Our forms and email communication at this point are in English. In extreme cases, we will use Google translate to converse with customers that do not speak nor read English.
    Please use Google Translate  if you cannot communicate in English and we will do our best to help you.
  • How does the search and match work?

    Without providing crucial intellectual property details on how Traista AI and ML system 🤖 works, we want to ensure you, we are here to help you 🙌
    Our algorithm works 24/7, looking and comparing incoming and existing data, until it finds a match. As smart as AI and ML are designed, sometimes humans have to step in. It’s not like in the movies 🤭 But, don’t worry, we are working hard to get your item back in your hands.
  • Do you work with public transportation authorities?

    We have reached out to several municipalities to offer our service to them. We are sure we can help any locality that wants a simplified lost and found service, and provide an improved quality of life service for residents and visitors.
    We offer our service at no cost to any business, no fees to customers, and insanely discounted shipping rates compared to retail (FedEx and UPS) because of our volume discount with them.
    Traista can be used by  public transportation authorities. It is also ideal for convention centers and other venues that bring in travelers temporarily from various corners of the country or the world. Most may not have the luxury nor the flexibility to return back to the convention center after arriving at their home location, in a different state or country, to collect their items left behind.
  • Do you work with hotels?

    At this point, we only have preliminary discussions with some boutique and a few known hotel chains. However, getting a discounted pre-paid shipping label to email to the hotel takes just a few minutes. Just contact us  while you are ✈️ 🧳traveling or when you return.
  • Do you offer refunds?

    Of course. However, at some airports (you’ll know via email those few that have a different process), to avoid unnecessary steps for you, the bank, UPS/FedEx, do not purchase the shipping label until the airport confirms they have your item. Labels purchased from us can be used by those airports and will be accepted by any UPS and FedEx location by contract, as well as pick up requests. Don’t overpay if you have to call UPS or FedEx, make sure you compare rates at least, as you’ll see our rates before paying for your shipping label.
  • I'm at a TSA checkpoint and found out I cannot bring an item in my carry on

    If you have an item that you cannot take in your carry on (except prohibited items), and cannot go back to put in your checked in bag,  ask the TSA staff for the Traista shipping form QR code.  If they are new and unaware, please alert us so we can notify the location.  Visit TSA website or ask the staff about prohibited items, if your item fits that category and if it can be shipped.