Frequently Asked Questions


How does Traista work?

As a lost and found solutions provider, Traista systems work for you with many organizations. These organizations range from from TSA checkpoints, airports, hotels, resorts, and much more. The magic happens behind the scenes, where our systems work quietly and efficiently in the background with simple clicks from organizations and customers when an action is due.

Our system takes claim information and provides it to organizations in their dashboard, or via email. Organizations have control over their own process, while claims move through the steps swiftly, including payment for shipping, and tracking the shipment. Happy organizations, happy employees, happy customers.

How does shipping work?

As soon as an agent confirms there is a match for the item and is ready to be released, the system will send you shipping options available at that location. That’s it, no claim fees, processing fees, or handling fees.

Sounds simple, but in a nutshell, as a solutions provider, the magic that happens behind the curtains, where the AI/ML works effortless to help organizations gain time back, and customers are reunited with their lost items.

Once you pay the quoted shipping service, our system will instantly send the shipping label to the organization dashboard or via email, at the location where your item is waiting impatiently to come to you. You will also receive a tracking number to see where your item is.

Please keep in mind, tracking and service guarantee begins only after it is processed by organizational staff the location the item is located, and after the shipping carrier scans it the first time.

We also ship internationally, and handle the required customs declarations documentation for you as well.

Item description details

The more personalized details, the better.

For electronics, serial numbers work best as they can be read when the device has no power. DO NOT SHARE PASSWORDS, NOR LOGIN CODES/PINs as a detail with anyone! They are not needed to verify ownership unless you pick up in person. Your item will look alike many others. Please make sure you include as many details as possible like personalized stickers, names, background images for laptops/tablets/phones; list any known dents, custom covers, etc.

The details help tremendously with physical matching before shipping, to avoid you having the wrong item back. Your item is unique to you, but there may be many just like it.

Location of lost item

Keep in mind that some lost and found locations, will tag items where they were found. Try to remember where your item may have been lost.

The higher the certainty, the easier the process will be for everyone.

We understand remembering exactly, is almost impossible, as this why the item is lost. We get it, we’re here to help. You can always update your claim if you recollect details, and have better information. Use the My Claim link from your email, or our website.

What is a non partner location?

Some locations manage their own lost and found or work with other services, thus leaving your lost item out of our helping hands 😟 We could still help you. In the eventuality that they have your item, and you want a shipping label, we can provide that in a few minutes, at a discount. Do not pay retail, where you will be sent to provide a shipping label.

Payment options

No claim fees, no search fees. For shipping, Traista has integrated Stripe payments 💳, a truly innovative method of accepting payments online. It’s 🔐 secure, convenient and works like a charm to get a shipping label created on the fly. Time is of essence to all of us. Refunds after shipping label is created is offered minus label creation shipping fees. Respond to the email communication with the shipping label information for refunds.

How does the search and match work?

Without providing crucial intellectual property details on how Traista AI and ML system 🤖 works, we want to ensure you, we are here to help you 🙌

Our algorithm works 24/7, looking and comparing incoming and existing data, until it finds a match. As smart as AI and ML are designed, sometimes humans have to step in. It’s not like in the movies 🤭 But, don’t worry, our solution works with organizations, to get your item back in your hands.

If you are an organization, those FAQs are here