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We are an Arizona start up, offering lost and found solutions for organizations, their guests, travelers, visitors, and anything in between.

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What is Traista?

Traista is a web based lost and found platform, evolved from a personal experience back in 2015.

It has morphed into a beautiful free tool for airports, hotels, resorts and anything in between.

Our solution helped in the recovery of thousands of items and shipped them across the US and internationally. Traista platform scales intelligently, utilizing AI/ML to help and serve organizations and their customers.


Free, mobile ready, easy to use

No install required, no contract, no cost

Dedicated customer service and support


Intuitive, easy to use claims dashboard

Forever upgrades to any upcoming enhancements, for free.

Makes any lost and found process easier


Improved operations and easier task management

Streamlined communications

Leave repetitive tasks to our systems

Lost and found items

Reunited and shipped to their owners

1361 Laptops
932 Cell Phones
2568 Keys and jewelry
7981 IDs, Passports, and more

So, how does this work?

In a nutshell, fairly simple. We simplified the process for organizations and their staff who handle lost and found items, but also for the customers that are looking for their items left behind.

1. File a Claim

Customer files a claim for their item left at the organization location

2. Organization Is Notified

Claim displays in the dashboard at the organization location

3. Item Is Found

Staff updates claim as item found via dashboard, customer is notified

4. Payment

Customer pays shipping service desired, system creates a label in organization dashboard

5. Item Is Shipped

Staff at organization location ships the item utilizing the shipping label created by our system

6. Happiness

Item is delivered and in the hands of the customer. Claim automatically updates, no more follow ups from staff.

If you are an organization, you can learn how you can benefit from using our free service

It's not really about us

It's about customers and their input, which lead us to have a pretty simple mission:

Simplicity, beauty, time management, smiles and happiness.

As an agile and local start up, we transformed a paper napkin idea into a solution, after a personal experience while on vacation in 2015. From there, we implemented an easier recovery process for lost items. We created and improved the solution with select input from travelers, airport and hotel staff handling lost and found items, and talking to process owners. The good news is that now you can join others into using this free service.

Our efficient process, enhanced by our algorithm, has led to an expansion and we received questions and custom requests from amusement parks, museums, national parks, cinemas, zoos, etc. We believe in continuous improvement, and everyone will receive any upcoming features for free.

Curiosity? Comments? Specific questions? Get a hold of us

Lost & found process made easy, and free

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