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1. Travel light, don’t over pack

  • You don’t need 15 shirts on a 7 day trip
  • Keep shoes to sane levels, for some 🙂

2. Take only essential items

  • You don’t need a curling iron, unless you do 😂
  • You don’t need that compass and sextant, you’re going to Rome for %^#*’s sake
  • DON’T take with you Prohibited items !

3. Stay organized

  • Don’t pack in a hurry
  • Pack them neatly
  • Don’t leave your items at checkpoints!
  • Avoid the small bin at security check by using your backpack’s front pocket

4. If you lose something, don’t panic

  • Sky is not falling.
  • Things can be replaced if not expensive
  • Be patient.  There are constraints outside of your control

5. Fill out Traista Air Travel Claim form (no cost)

  • Works at any location with travelers
  • Sentimental value is irreplaceable
  • Works globally
  • Easy. Fast. Secure.