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You missed your flight, your headphones left somewhere 2000 miles away, at the terminal in JFK airport.

As you sit at the gate, staring out the window at the airport, you decide to scour the internet, FB private groups that take days to approve, pages filled with spam, and insane algorithms. You just want your headphones back.

Lost and found airport

So, you call airport, wait 20 minutes on hold, and you are given airline gate phone numbers, complex clunky forms, another phone number to call, another form to fill…ugghhh. Annoying!

😤 You call and no one answers because there is no flight from that gate. Call again, but they’re busy upgrading, switching people around, dealing with crazy requests. The customer service gives you another phone number, the one you literally just hung up with, and now you are MAD! 😡

🌐📱🔍 You search online and somehow you find Traista lost and found claim form.  You fill it out in 1 minute and you’re done.  🎧. 😃⬇

Airline lost and found

That’s how Traista was designed. With reality and simplicity in mind. Lost and found, re-invented. Spread the word about us. It will help you and other travelers save aggravation on your next trip. 😃😍💯

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