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Travelers lose millions of dollars per year with lost and found items, and rarely anyone cares

Traista lost and found

The need for a lost and found service, re-invented. We’ve all been there. And truly, no one really cares, but you.

Lost and found travel issues are a nightmare, especially if you have sentiments attached to the item. While waiting for your flight, you’re sitting at a bistro, enjoying the surprisingly delicious sandwich, sipping on the last few drops of your drink. You hear the announcement from the airline that the flight is delayed for 20 minutes; you order another drink, take off your headphones and start chatting up with another fellow traveler, going on a 6 month back packing trip in Mongolia.

As you’re sitting chatting up, talking about the beauty of Peru, adventures in Tanzania, and custom issues in Algeria, you realize your flight is about to shut the door. The gate is not too far, you grab your stuff and sprint!


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Cruising at 35,000 ft, and suddenly you are looking for your headphones.  Panic ensues. You know you used them at the bistro, before starting to chat with the backpacker. But they could as well be in the X-ray bin as you rushed through the TSA security checkpoint.

As you were really looking forward for the noise cancellation feature, for the next 5 hours, onward to your connecting flight, you call the flight attendant!  “Excuse me, I need a drink” .  When you inquire about lost and found items, the flight attendant mentions they might not be able to help, because the lost item is in the airport. The flight attendant colleagues suggest you call the airport or TSA. Cheers, double scotch please!


You’ve arrived at your destination, enjoy your vacation

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 Returning home:

Airline lost and foundSitting in the terminal, waiting for your connection, sans headphones; you start searching the internet. You look on Craigslist, but the creep factor turns you off. Go on Instagram and try a short post,  you tag the airport and location. Good luck with that. You fill out the clunky outdated airport lost and found form, you call the airport, you get charged fees and empty promises.

You check Instagram, nothing. Only a few likes from friends and some obscure Instagram user, wanting to sell you followers. “Thanks dude, really helpful, not!” A few FB groups accepted your membership, you try to post, but display algorithm takes weeks to learn who you are, where and who and where to show your post. Another FB didn’t accept you, because you don’t have unicorn flavored profile overlay. Whatever.

Sure your $200 headphone were cool, can be replaced with another $200, but they were a gift from your dad and you really cared about them.

5 Tips to help with lost and found while traveling:

1. Travel light, don’t over pack

  • You don’t need 15 shirts on a 7 day trip
  • Keep shoes to sane levels, for some girls 🙂

2. Take only essential items

  • You don’t need a curling iron, unless you do 😂
  • You don’t need that compass and sextant, you’re going to Rome for %^#*’s sake
  • Don’t take with you Prohibited items !

3. Stay organized

  • Don’t pack in a hurry
  • Pack them neatly
  • Don’t leave your items at checkpoints!

4. If you lose something, don’t panic

  • Sky is not falling.
  • Things can be replaced if not expensive.
  • Be patient. Some systems Traista works with are outdated, or inefficient.

5. Fill out Traista Air Travel Claim form