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There are several reasons why using Traista lost and found web portal as service can be a good choice for your hotel, airport or convention center:

Cost: The most obvious benefit is that it's free, which means you don't have to spend any money to use it. This can be especially appealing if you're on a tight budget or if you're not sure if you'll use the tool long-term.

No upfront commitment: With any free SaaS tool, you can try it out without committing to a long-term contract or subscription. This allows you to see if the tool meets your needs before making a financial commitment.

Access to features: Traista lost and found web portal features could be sufficient for your needs. This means you can get started and see if the tool meets your needs without having to pay for a more expensive option.

Ease of use: Traista is designed to be easy to use, and its quality is exemplary. This means you can start using the tool right away without having to spend time learning how to use it.

No maintenance: With Traista, we take care of all the maintenance and updates, so you don't have to worry about installing patches or fixing bugs. This can save you time and resources.

Overall, using Traista lost and found portal is be a good choice if you want to try out a new tool without committing to a long-term contract or subscription.

The short story of Traista

Based in Chandler AZ, a fully remote company, we transformed a paper napkin idea into a solution, after a personal experience while on vacation in 2015. From there, we explored and implemented an easier process for lost and found items. We considered travelers mostly, however we received select input form TSA and airport staff, hotel industry process owners, and at times plain common sense when creating the solution.

The good news is that you now can join others, or be a leader in customer service with our free solution.

Our efficient process, enhanced by our algorithm, has led to an expansion and we received questions and custom requests from amusement parks, museums, national parks, cinemas, zoos, etc. We believe in continuous improvement, and everyone will receive any upcoming features for free.