Community help in finding pets
Sure, there are other platforms designed to help find missing pets, but their main focus is advertising. Why wade through a sea of ads when your top priority is finding your lost pet? This is where Traista App comes in. It is a community based mobile app where people can post lost and found pets directly on the map. In app purchase only for business accounts. All others, free to view, post and share.

It may be scary losing your pet, but now you can have peace of mind, knowing that technology is finally here to help, so pets can be easily found. This the best free pet finding app and ABC just interviewed one of our founders.

Pets Reunited
Pets Homed
Map view and search Traista app lost and found

You can support our efforts by shopping at a discount for your favorite pet supplies on Amazon with a bit of a discount from us. Click the icon and shop normally at Amazon. If you would rather just donate through PayPal, use the Donate button below the Amazon banner.
We have a small budget to run this app. Donations help us keep it operational. You can make a difference and help with as little as you can, or as much as you can.  Thank you

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Lost and found pets

Find pets on the map
Stop panicking and stop running around the neighborhood to put up posters. This app allows you to post a lost or found pet, directly on a digital map and anyone in the area seeing the pet, can quickly connect via chat to solve your problem.

We were featured on ABC news and have received great feedback on making improvements on the app. CLICK HERE to see the video from ABC news, with our founder talking about Traista App.

One of our founders talks about Traista app with ABC

Shelters and rescue centers

Quick post of pets found
You own a shelter or animal rescue center? This is the must have tool for the area you are in. You can post manually or via an API, all your current pets up for adoption, or found or dropped off as found by others.

You can request a door or window sticker from us, to let everyone know how to quickly post about a found or lost pet right away, and visible on the map in the entire neighborhood.

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