Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Who can use TraistaTM App?

We don't have an age limit on the use of TraistaTM App, however parents are encouraged to monitor what young children do online and on mobile devices.

Should I meet strangers to retrieve my lost stuff?

We encourage utilizing public spaces to meet strangers. Some cities have designated social media meeting spots around police departments. Use caution, as you would with any stranger encounter.

Does TraistaTM App charge a fee for rewards people ask or want to give to retrieve lost & found items?

We have toyed with the idea of charging a percentage of that reward amount; however, at this time there is no plan to do so. Currently, the only fee, is a Premium option for busineses seeking advanced features and the option to post shopping deals in advance.

I found dangerous and prohibited items. Am I allowed to post them so their owners can retrieve them?

Dangerous and prohibited items are prohibited on TraistaTM. Users that find such postings, must report them, so our algorithm will remove those posts. Users posting such prohibited and dangerous items will also be blocked on our platform after a thorough investigation and algorithm reports.

Why was my account suspended?

You have posted dangerous/prohibited items or have been identified as a spammer. If you believe this was a mistake, please email us here with "suspended account" in the subject line and our customer support team will try to fix or explain you the reasons.

Why was my post removed?

More than likely, users have reported it and our algorithm has removed your post. Do not post prohibited/dangerous items, indecent/pornographic photos with any of your posts, and do not post spam.

I have expired posts. Can I re-post them?

Yes. Click on the three dots on the top right of expired post and you'll see the Edit Post option. Click on it, the expired post will open. Click Post and your post becomes active again.

I noticed prohibited/dangerous items posted. What do I do?

Use the menu option,three dots at top right of post, to open the Share or Report post. Click on Report and use radio button to select if the post is Offensive, Spam/Scam, Prohibited, or Other.

My lost/found item post is expired? Why?

In order to maintain validity of true active posts and manage them on the map, lost/found items automatically expire after 30 days. If the items have not been found or back to original owner, we encourage users to re-post from Expired posts, rather creating a duplicate post.

I saw indecent photos on posts and unrelated to post. Can they be filtered?

No. You cannot filter indecent photos. Please report the post and user.

I can't sign in using my email.

Please verify that the same email has not been used for the social login. If you login with Facebook or Gmail, make sure you sign using same method.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Submit a password reset from the app login screen.

How do I block a user?

If a user contacts you via chat and you no longer want to chat or becomes annoying, you can block that user from the chat top right options.

I don't have a business account, can I become a premium user so I can post in advance?

At this time, non business users cannot become premium to post in advance or at multiple locations. We encourage you to open a business account on TraistaTM.

How and why does this website use cookies?

We use cookies for analytics and statistics. We want to ensure we offer the best experience based on where the visitors come from.

Where are my posts? I can't find them on the map.

First make sure you have an active internet connection on your device. Go to you profile and look under My Posts. If you have none there, look under Expired Posts and repost them if you wish.

Business FAQs

How much does TraistaTM cost?

TraistaTM is free to use, even for businesses that do not yet value the benefits of the Premium subscription.

I already pay for mobile advertising, why should I sign up for premium?

Think of this of another low cost advertising method for foot traffic. Mobile traffic has surpased desktop in 2016 and is only going to increase. You're on the right path looking at this new way of making your business standout from people using their phone while out and about looking for places to shop, eat, drink, have fun! Free to use for one location and limited features, free to try Premium. It takes less time than your favorite social media platform, try it.

Premium will allow a business to add and manage multiple locations and post promotion deals 2 weeks in advance so customers can see it on the map in advance

I already manage deals and advertising for a business. Can I use this to manage my customer's business location(s)?

Yes. We also allow marketing companies to add TraistaTM App as a marketing channel for their clients. As long as you have permission from the business to manage their marketing and promotions on their behalf.

I'm a business with a premium account and I cancelled my subscription. What happens to my business locations under my Profile?

You will need to add your locations again, as they will be deleted from your profile. We encourage you keep your subscription active or contact us via email before cancelling your premium subscription.

I already have a Lost & Found business and platform, why should I use TraistaTM App?

We are glad to support any current Lost & Found businesses by letting them post for free, as a business any lost & found items to their one location. After evaluationg and recognizing the benefit and ease of it, we're sure you'll sign up for Business Premium account to post lost & found at all your location. We are in development mode for an API if you charge a fee for people to retrieve their items.